Inventory Finance

How can I financially stay ahead in such a challenging business environment?

Financing at the dealer level can be a tough proposition.   How can a business carry enough inventory to satisfy their customers, while keeping interest costs down?   Each month that a unit is interest bearing eats into profitability, but at KPM we reduce or eliminate these challenges for you.   Here are some of the ways we can help you walk the line between inventory capacity and interest payments.

Floor Plan finance with Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is the leader in floor plan financing in our industry.  KPM’s own relationship with Wells Fargo stretches way back into the 1980s, when the very first Scag lawnmowers were rolled off the line, shipped to KPM, and placed on our floor plan account.  From that start our relationship has blossomed into one of the strongest in the industry.  We share many alliances with our partners at Wells Fargo, including direct technological interfaces with their systems.   KPM makes credit decisions faster than any of our competitors – we can ship product to you much faster than others who have to wait for a decision to be made and communicated.   Our customer service staff will get credit approvals automatically fed into our system, enabling us to get you the products you need quickly.

Open Account financing for selected dealers

In addition, KPM offers limited open account capabilities for those dealers that qualify.  Our experienced accounting and credit staff will work with you to come up with a financing plan that works for you.     When we develop our ordering terms, do so in a way that supports the seasonal retail curve of an outdoor power equipment dealer.  Just another example of us trying to do what works for your business.

How can a landscaper afford an expensive lawnmower? What about a homeowner?

Retail financing is a key component of any successful sales strategy in the outdoor power equipment setting.   KPM and its manufacturers work closely to ensure that plans are generated with the end user’s – and dealer’s – best interests at heart.  We ally with our retail finance partners to ensure that we can cover as many potential customers as possible – even those that other financing companies might turn away.

Can my customers lower their monthly payments?

How can we help customers purchase units and keep their monthly payments as low as possible?   Leasing can be a great benefit for the finance minded landscape company.  Lower payments, and the ability to turn over old equipment for new are just some of the benefits that a leasing plan offers.