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Wright - The Stander Of Excellence

Wright was the first, and continues to be the most advanced, stand-on mowing technology available. The entire line of Standers, as well as Wright’s traditional mowers, deliver productivity, quality and reliability that is second to none. Excellence is their promise to you, and is built into every Wright mower.


Benefits Of Using A Stand-On Mower

Stand-on mowers are continuing to gain popularity with landscaping companies. Bill Wright, president of Wright Manufacturing, offers his thoughts in this article at greenindustrypros.com.
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Hills? No Problem

With its Operator Balance Control (OBC), this Wright mower lets you take hills almost as fast as level ground.

The stand-on mowing revolution started right here. However, today’s Stander® is even more refined, agile and well balanced than its forefather. The patented stand-on design, known as Operator Balance Control (OBC), lets you become an extension of the machine, which allows you to handle changing terrain and hills almost as fast as level ground.

How Your Lawn Care Business Can Be Productive the Wright Way

When we talk to lawn care business owners, we hear one thing over and over again: There’s almost never enough time in the day. If you own a lawn service, you know how it goes. Even if you get all the yard mowing work done for the week, there’s still maintenance, billing, payroll…the list goes on and on. And then there’s the winter. It’s the one season where there’s actually too much time and not enough work. That means you can’t afford to waste any time during those crucial summer and spring months. That’s why efficiency and time management are crucial for any successful lawn care business. And that’s why Wright commercial mowers are built to help your lawn service be more productive. Read More »

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